Led by Highly Trained Professionals, these small group classes utilize the commonalityand support of the group to help individuals achieve their goals.

What is
Functional Group Therapy?

We have crafted a variety of Functional Groups Classes to address the needs of individuals who have specific health issues in common. These 8-week courses meet weekly for 75 minute therapeutic classes and include a group check-in. Many students who attend just a weekly class have reported marked improvement in their symptoms! This can also be a great way to check out how yoga therapy differs from regular fitness-type yoga classes.

How it Works

A certified yoga therapist will incorporate the tools of yoga: asana, pranayama, meditation, sound and self-inquiry in a class-series format. Descriptions of the Functional Group classes will indicate the specific ability level required, though nearly all classes can be adapted for the individual.

Check out these great classes and let us know if there is a specific course you would like to see offered!

*All classes are currently being taught virtually.

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— Scheduled Classes —

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Yoga Therapy for Chronic Pain

If you’ve been suffering from chronic pain in your head, neck, shoulders or low back, this class can help improve your physical symptoms. And if sleep has been disrupted, or mental health has been affected by your pain condition, this class can help with that too.
Wednesdays 9:30-10:45AM CST April 13-May 4
Instructor: Julie Crossman
Location: The Woman's Club of Minneapolis 410 Oak Grove St, Minneapolis, MN 55403
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Yoga Therapy for Stress Mangement

Using Yoga’s Tools for Grounding and Connecting:

When we are stressed, it is common to feel like we are lacking the ability to mange our responsibilities or don’t feel supported in our lives. Grounding the system can reduce feelings of anxiety. Likewise, connecting with others, (as well as with other parts of self), can reduce feelings of depression.

Tu 9:15-10:30AM CST Mar 7-Apr 18 *no class Apr 4
Instructor: Celia McCoy
Location: Minneapolis Center for Performing Arts 3754 Pleasant Ave, Minneapolis MN
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Recovering from Traumatic Brain Injury

Increase strength, balance and coordination, wellbeing and confidence; improve memory and focus; reduce spasticity, stress and anxiety.
TBD Time: 9:15-10:30am CST
Instructor: Celia McCoy
Location: Zoom
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Featured image for “Living with MS”

Living with MS

Improve energy and endurance, sleep, digestion/elimination; build strength and balance; increase mobility; work with memory and attention.
Instructor: Celia McCoy
Location: Zoom
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Yoga for Caretakers

Reduce stress, increase energy, improve boundaries, find more joy and re-discover the satisfaction of providing service to others.
Instructor: Chris Armstrong
Location: Zoom
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Living with Diabetes

Increase flexibility, improve awareness and connection to breath. Lower blood pressure through breathing techniques, open to a wider perspective of current situation.
Instructor: Mary Baumgartner
Location: Zoom
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