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Island Lake, IL

Doing my 20 minutes of daily yoga has brought balance and consistency to all aspects of my life. I didn’t think the day to day life of a 25-year-old could be this improved just by a short yoga routine but I am making more progress towards my goals than ever before. I thought it would be another chore to keep up with but I find myself looking forward to the peace and mindfulness yoga brings me each morning.
Island Lake, IL

Yoga practice allows me to get to the bottom of my breath, and in the process, grounds me. That’s what yoga is all about, and that’s why it’s for everyone - even if, as in my case, you have a fused spine, above-knee amputation, and therefore can’t do the “traditional” yoga poses. And as for Chris - she is so kind, receptive to feedback, and just a fun person to be with!
Ray W.

When I started practicing yoga, I was wearing a foot brace for stability and seeing a doctor for major depression. I haven’t worn the brace in a year and while practicing yoga can’t replace therapy, I feel I’m in a much better place in my life and learning about yoga from Celia McCoy contributes to my healing from major depression and PTSD.
Byron, MN

I have been using Chris’s yoga therapy since March 2018. The routines she prepares address my specific needs. I now sleep better, am relaxed and centered, and have more flexibility with less arthritic pain. This is just what I needed.
Ray W.

I started practicing yoga with Celia when my doctor recommended yoga may help me recover physically from a traumatic brain injury. It has greatly contributed to restoring my flexibility, range of motion, and balance- but yoga and meditation have also improved my mental health and emotional well-being.
Rochester, MN

I have been receiving prescriptive yoga practice ‘blueprints’ from Chris for well over a year now — and as life circumstances change, I return for more! I have experienced significant health issues, and Chris’s gentle guidance has helped me heal not only physically but psychically over time. I am discovering strengths that come from within me that I can access at any time, a new acceptance of what is, and how that can serve my life and relationships — including the one with myself.
Zumbrota, MN

Who knew how calming taking a deep breath would be! My morning yoga wakens my body and mind, stays with me throughout the day, centers me when I need it, and connects me with the natural and genuine. I feel waves of gratefulness.
Ray W.

Yoga was one of the things that has helped me get through a difficult and very stressful time in my life, Celia has been excellent instructor- I knew next to nothing when I began but she was very patient with me and helped me understand the exercises and pay attention to my body and breathing.

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