Yoga Therapy Sessions

Yoga Therapy can be functional and effective based on the individuals comfort level and desire. Through individual or group sessions, our Yoga Therapists will guide you through a series of mind & body prescriptive yoga practices.

Types of Sessions

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Functional Group

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Individual Yoga Therapy

Using the tools of yoga (postures, breathwork, meditation, self inquiry and sound), we can influence the state and alleviate symptoms of distress and disease so the individual can function at optimal levels. Highly trained, IAYT-certified yoga therapists are available to help you on the path to healing.

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Functional Group Therapy

Functional groups are 8 week sessions of therapeutic classes that are designed to address the needs of individuals who have specific health issues in common.

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Like with the parts of the bird, the individual functions best when all parts are in harmony.

Our thoughts are not simply engineered by the brain, they are influenced by our experiences of joy, sensations of physical pain, memories of loss or regret and patterns in our daily lives. We might think that meditation or Dhyana, for example, is the only tool that can help the mind, but this is not true. Focus on positive experiences, singing, chanting, mantra, or movement in the body can all have beneficial effects on the mind.