An ongoing relationship with a professional yoga therapist.

What is Individual
Yoga Therapy?

Individual yoga therapy is an ongoing relationship with a professional yoga therapist who designs a daily yoga practice specifically for you, your level of experience and your personal goals for health and wellness.

After an initial intake and follow-up session, you will see your yoga therapist approximately once per month to reflect on changes that are happening and possibly refine the practice. The goal is for you to do the practice on your own each day for maximum effects. Your yoga therapist can also share notes and progress with your western medical provider to collaborate on your care if you wish.

How it Works

During an individual session, your Yoga Therapist will do a comprehensive intake to gain an understanding of your constitution, your experience and your health goals.

They will then design a personalized yoga practice for you to do each day and schedule regular check-ins to see how your practice is progressing or how your needs are changing.

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