Chris Armstrong


Chris has worked with clients pre/post mastectomy, pre/post heart transplant, post lower limb amputation and clients with fused spine, in addition to over achievers, workaholics, those who wish to age well.

Group Therapy, Individual Sessions

  • 2016-2020 | 1000-hour Yoga Therapist Training, Yoga Well Institute
  • 2016 | 300-hour Teacher Training, Yoga Center of Minneapolis
  • 2014 | 230-hour Teacher Training, Yoga Center of Minneapolis
  • 2015-present | Yoga Instructor, Mayo Clinic, Healthy Living Program


About Me

Chris began practicing yoga from a book in 1989 to manage the stress of law school and preparations for the bar exam. She quickly came to appreciate the effect of being relaxed yet energized after practicing yoga. When Chris started practicing in a studio, she began to appreciate the perspective a teacher can provide and how the relationship can empower one to move forward in their life and practice.

In 2014 she completed her first training because she wanted to learn what made yoga practice so effective. Since then she has taught yoga to clients with a variety of issues through Mayo Clinic's Healthy Living program, including: participants in corporate retreats, physicians, caregivers, prenatal moms and participants in the residential Nicotine Dependence Clinic.

Chris loves to learn and pass it on. Whether in-person or virtually, she recognizes that the tools of yoga are universal and takes great satisfaction in seeing her clients find clarity and healing. Her mentor is Kevin Kortan, who has 25 years of experience teaching yoga and providing yoga therapy. Chris will be a faculty assistant in Yoga Well Institute's Yoga Therapist training from fall 2021- 2025 in Berkeley, California. In addition to her daily yoga practice, Chris cultivates relaxed focused attention by making things like bracelets, handmade books, and weaving.

Anyone who can breathe can do yoga.

— T. Krishnamacharya