Living with MS

Improve energy and endurance, sleep, digestion/elimination; build strength and balance; increase mobility; work with memory and attention.

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Class Details:

Increase a sense of vitality and strength through breath and movement. Physical postures will focus on moving all parts of the body-- in standing we will work with strength and balance, lying postures will focus on the parts of the system related to digestion as well as work with dexterity in the extremities, and seated postures will generally be a bridge to moving more internal with our awareness as a bridge to breathwork and meditation-- which will focus on calming, and reducing anxiety, patterns which support better sleep. Chanting may be included as a tool to work with memory and focus the mind.

Previous clients have reported increase in quality of sleep and bladder control; increase in strength and mobility; increase in energy and stamina; improvement in mood.

Postures will be offered: standing with support, seated in a chair, and lying on the floor with option to modify for seated in a chair.

Celia McCoy
20 Slots