Recovering from Traumatic Brain Injury

Increase strength, balance and coordination, wellbeing and confidence; improve memory and focus; reduce spasticity, stress and anxiety.

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20 Slots

These times have been challenging for everyone no matter what our circumstances.  It has been a time of anxiety, uncertainty and loss. The call to quickly “return to normal” misses something important.  We all need time to grieve, reflect, be nourished and regain stability on our own schedule.  This class series is offered as counter to the forces that would have us skip over these critical steps of healing from the pandemic.

Each week, we will move our bodies slowly and intentionally with our breath, allowing its natural wisdom to guide us.  Each 75 min class will include gentle movement, conscious breathing and guided visualizations.  We also will have a little time for community – it is important for us to hear and be heard, as we have all shared commonality in the pandemic, with many different expressions.  

Students who have done these practices have reported: better sleep, increased energy, reduced anxiety and a more optimistic outlook. Participants should dress to move with ease.  It will be useful to have a yoga mat, a folded blanket or towel or two, a cushion or chair to sit on, and a block or large book for extra support. 

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