Living with Diabetes

Increase flexibility, improve awareness and connection to breath. Lower blood pressure through breathing techniques, open to a wider perspective of current situation.

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Class Details:

Each week will build on the previous week, connecting your breath with your body in beneficial ways, developing practices to use in your daily life. No previous yoga experience is necessary. No special clothing is required (come as you are). Ageing bodies are welcome!

Modifications will be offered throughout each class to accommodate everyone. Postures will be done in various positions, including standing (with support if desired), seated in a chair and lying on the floor.

Previous participants reported:

  • Increased flexibility in their bodies
  • Increased connection and awareness of their breath
  • Increased connection to spirit
  • The ability to lower Blood Pressure through the breath work
  • Ways to shift pain and anxiety
  • A way to be proactive in the face of anxiety
  • Opening to a wider perspective than their present situation
  • “When class would begin, my breath was short and shallow, but as breathing exercises continued it became deeper and really opened me up physically and mentally.”
To ensure the class is a good fit for all participants, a brief interview with the teacher is required before the start of the series.



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