Yoga Therapy for Stress Mangement

Using Yoga’s Tools for Grounding and Connecting:

When we are stressed, it is common to feel like we are lacking the ability to mange our responsibilities or don’t feel supported in our lives. Grounding the system can reduce feelings of anxiety. Likewise, connecting with others, (as well as with other parts of self), can reduce feelings of depression.

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Class Details:

We all know stress is bad for our health, and sometimes it even feels like managing our stress is stressful! Stress related symptoms like insomnia, anxiety and fatigue, while troublesome on their own, can also exacerbate other existing physical or mental health conditions. In fact, Yoga Therapy  often views stress reduction as the initial primary treatment goal, and Yoga has a wealth of tools to fit this purpose.

 At Panchamaya, we believe it’s possible to affect real changes to your mental health through daily yoga practice. Celia has designed a specialized class for individuals suffering from symptoms such as exhaustion, sleep trouble, irritability and worry. This 5-week course will build progressively on tools that include gentle movement, breathing exercises, focused meditation and therapeutic sound. Over time, this methodology can result in a reduction in symptoms, making room for balance, relief, and wellness.

Students who have implemented the tools of yoga therapy have reported improved relationships, mood elevation, better sleep and increased functionality.  All bodies and levels of experience  are welcome.



WED   9:15-10:30am

May 1- Jun 5  2024 


Celia McCoy


Center for Performing Arts 3754 Pleasant Ave, Mpls MN 


20 Slots