Ease Covid Joint Pain With Yoga Therapy

Why do we need to take good care of our bodies? Health is your greatest wealth. Your body gives you the strength and energy that help you achieve better results in every aspect of your life. Being able to sleep at night, walk without pain, eat and enjoy food brings us the most basic feelings of contentment. Even when practicing … Read More

Covid Headache Recovery

Many of us have become more anxious as a result of COVID-19, and for some, it has triggered more illnesses and headaches.  A headache by itself does not indicate that you have COVID-19. However, for most people who develop headaches as a result of the virus, it is usually the first symptom to appear.  If you are not prone to … Read More

How to Alleviate Long Covid Brain Fog

If you have had COVID-19, it might still be playing with your mind. COVID-19 is frequently cited as a primary cause of the increase in persons suffering brainfog during this epidemic. While there is evidence that the virus has a specific pathway through the brain, there are also many reasons why the pandemic experience in general could affect your ability … Read More

How to treat Long Covid – 5 Simple Techniques

WHAT IS A COVID LONG HAULER ANYWAY? Since the start of the COVID pandemic in 2020, researchers estimate one in ten individuals who have tested positive for COVID will continue to experience symptoms for weeks, or even months after the virus is no longer detectable in the system. Women are estimated to comprise 60-80% of this number, with even higher … Read More